Top 5 Makeup Trends you can’t miss this Spring!

Written By: Maria Brown-Spence IG @EklecticMaria

I have provided my top 5 makeup trends for Spring 2017 to help you look your best regardless of weather conditions. I’m not a makeup artist, so I reached out to some of my friends that are for inspiration on the following trends.

1. Smokey Smudgy Eyes: For years this has been the go to date night and after hours look, especially when you want to add a little spice to something nice. When creating a smokey eye get creative and use colors other than black. Such as a dark plum, forest green or even a deep maroon. Still need help on creating a smokey eye? Check out this Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial from SONJDRADELUXE. 

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2. Pastel Lips: This one feels like spring, almost like your taking a trip down the Easter section in Target. When I apply my lipsticks, especially for us fuller lip gals, I make sure to use a lip liner which is a shade darker or lighter than the lipstick I am applying. You can find pastel lip colors anywhere from Target to your local beauty supply store for any budget. My favorite bargain brand NYX, has a beautiful pastel lipstick under their Macaroon collection called “Pistachio” for only $5.99 at ULTA and Neveen Dominic Cosmetics has amazing plush and rose colored lipsticks.

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3. Glitter Galore: Fendi changed the way glitter was viewed at the SS17 runway show in Milan. Glitter was seen as a nontraditional means of makeup and more as decoration or art. Models were adorned with glitter eyebrows and shapes placed on their bodies outlined in that wonderful unicorn sparkle. You can see a few of these images straight from the runway on Harpers Bazaar. If the runway look is a bit too much for you, go ahead and just make the eyelid your showstopper by creating a look like the one shown below. If you’re not sure where to find that perfect hue of glitter, try Cupcake Glitterz out of Dallas, Texas or Neveen Dominic Cosmetic’s Glitter Mascara and Liner for a more settled look.

Photo Credit: IG @SweetKingJazzyBaptiste

4. Color Wash Eyes: Don’t worry I wasn’t exactly sure what this trend meant either, but thanks to Glamour Magazine they led me in the right direction. For this look the focus is on the lids and there are no rules to how many different colors you add.

Photo Credits: IG @The_Doll

5. Natural Glow:  After all this is the simplest look and the easiest to create for my fellow non-makeup artist (makeup lovers). I am all about the bargains when it comes to everything I purchase. So when I’m looking to add a little highlight to the cheekbones, I use Makeup Revolutions Shimmer Brick. Oh, by the way its only $7! 🙂

Photo Credits: IG @EkelcticMaria

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Dynamically Branded

Sparkle for New Year’s Eve Make up

any of us want to use New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to pull out that glittery eye shadow or sparkly lip gloss that we can’t wear every day. The problem is that we’re really not sure how to pull it off. Here are a few tips how to avoid a glitter overkill.

  1. Keep it Simple: Avoid using glitter on more than one area. Opt for an ultra-shimmery shadow OR a glitter lip gloss, not both. (Try Chanel Lip Gloss in Seashell, $29.50 or NYXX Roll On Eye Shimmer in Bronze, $4)

chanel gloss nyx-roll-on-shimmer-salmon

  1. You don’t need glitter to shine. Try luscious falsies or a matte bold lipstick instead. The goal is to try something different or vibrant. (Try Winks by Georgie Beauty, $18 or MAC Lipstick in Diva, $16)

Winks lashesDiva lipstick

  1. Add a little luminosity to your foundation. (Try Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, $62)Fluid sheer
  2. Do yourself a favor, keep some make up wipes in your clutch or car. After a long night, chances are you won’t wash your face. Give your face a good swipe on the way home and avoid breakouts the next morning. (Try ELF Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes, $3)

ELF wipes