Dynamically Branded started off as a lifestyle blog covering topics in fashion, branding, inspiration, and lifestyle. The main purpose of this blog is to educate readers on industry-specific topics as well as to provide professional advice through past experiences and insider knowledge. The blog later developed into the Marketing Firm Dynamically Branded LLC.

Fashion X Austin during Austin Fashion Week 2016

Behind Dynamically Branded is Stephania Schirru. Born in Libreville (Gabon), raised in Nuremberg (Germany) and holding the Italian citizenship, she has acquired a comprehensive view on various issues. Her networking skills and  passion for fashion provided her with the right contacts to align with the Dallas Fashion  Industry. She graduated with her Masters in Marketing from Texas A&M Commerce and  is currently working with various fashion and non-profit clients from a marketing and public relations  perspective. You will find her either at a yummy happy hour or at the most popular events in Texas.

After graduating college with a 4.0  grade point average and having  extensive work experience with  Coca-Cola and SMU’s Athletics Marketing Department, as well as speaking four languages she expected that landing a “good” job shouldn’t be a problem. Wrong!!!

Dallas Fashion Week 2015

She went on a myriad of interviews, disappointed of not being able to land a “good” job she took a direct sales job with one of the largest companies in the U.S.. Ethical issues and disrespectful treatment of employees made her miserable and realize she was meant for bigger things. As a consequence she took a leap of faith, sought god and quit her terrible job without having anything lined up. Many told her she was crazy, but that’s when things she had dreamed off started happening, such as producing one of the biggest fashion shows in Dallas, or becoming heavily involved in charity programs. Her definition of a “good” job changed tremendously and she utilized the time without a job setting standards for herself, relationships, jobs, friends, goals. She is on this exciting journey and knows everything is possible through Christ even when it seems impossible to others.

Emmitt Smith Celebrity Invitational 2016
Raw Dallas Natural Born Artists 2014