Why Brands don’t want to work with you

Over the past 10 years I have worked for and with several brands such as Curls, Shea Moisture, Swarowski, Google, Uber, Hennessy, NYFW, Coca-Cola, Omni Hotels, Stila, Covergirl etc. I’m always being asked the question of how to receive sponsorships from brands. Some people wonder why brands don’t want to work with them or what they’re doing wrong with their pitching approach.

Here some pointers why brands don’t want to work with you:

  1. You don’t bring anything to the table: Whenever you approach a brand you have to make yourself interesting to them. What’s special about you? How will you help them make a sale or increase their popularity? Do you have an engaged audience? Do you create original or creative content? Do you have a unique perspective or a one-of-a-kind look? Are you involved with an event that could touch many potential customers in one sweep?
  2. You don’t target their target demographic: Let’s say for example you want to approach a premium brand but have only been promoting and working with lower end brands it’s very unlikely you will get a deal with that higher end brand.
  3. You’re unprofessional: The first impression counts whenever you are trying to contact brands. Always approach a brand with professional pictures, a media kit, highlights of what makes you special, and your specific value proposition. Also, clean up your social media since these channels will be the first ones they will check out. No brand wants to see an endless collection of selfies, you turning up in every other picture, or captions with foul language. They want to see that you will actually represent a brand and make them shine in the best light.
  4. You’ve been going hard for their competition: Even if you approached a company professionally and did everything right your proposal might still be rejected due to prior strong advocacy of a competing product. So you either have to let some time pass between the competitor and the new brand or take those posts off .

I hope this helps if you don’t know how to create a media-kit or a value proposition in your pitch feel free to send me an email sschirru@dynamicallybpr.com and I will give you advice.


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Failure is Part of Your Success

Failure is Part of Success (1)

Sounds crazy right? But essentially it looks like if you haven’t failed you won’t ever succeed. I have been reading biographies of the most successful people of our time. I am talking about Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs (R.I.P.), J.K. Rowling, Jerry Jones, Vera Wang, and Bill Gates. One thing they all had in common was FAILURE!!!

Oprah was fired from a TV station because they saw her un-fit as an anchor, Steve Jobs was fired from the company he co-founded, J.K. Rowling hit rock bottom as a single mom living off welfare, Jerry Jones had various failed business ventures, Vera Wang didn’t make the Olympic Ice-Skating Team and was later on passed over as chief-editor for Vogue, Bill Gates is a college drop out and the first Microsoft Product was an epic fail.

Despite all the challenges and adversary they faced, never gave up but instead created their own opportunities. Oprah owns a media empire now and is worth $2.9 Billion. Steve jobs was re-hired by Apple as they realized that he was the driving innovative spirit of the company. It is thanks to him that Apple has become a lifestyle “It-Brand” breaking any barriers of age, culture, and socio-economic background. J.K. Rowing became the first billionaire author after writing 7 Harry Potter books. Jerry Jones not only owns America’s Team The Dallas Cowboys but also runs a very successful oil and gas company. Vera Wang started designing wedding gowns at the age of 40 and is now one of the most renowned designers of the fashion industry worth $1 Billion. Bill Gates is worth $72 Billion and Microsoft became the largest personal-computer software company in the world.

What I would like for you to get from this blog post is, that failure is not the end of the world. Don’t stay paralyzed in self doubt about your vision after you have encountered failure. Take key learning from it, analyze it, process it, optimize it and continue working hard to accomplish your dreams. See your failures as a step closer to your BREAKTHROUGH!!!


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