Your Network is your Networth – Fashion Mingle’s NYFW Networking Party connected Fashion Pros across the world

Fashion Mingle, a fashion tech startup that has built a nationwide network for fashion professionals hosted its second networking party during New York Fashion Week on February 11th at ROW NYC.

The event was designed to provide networking opportunities for fashion industry professionals who come to New York to work behind-the-scenes or attend the runway shows at NYFW. Originally planned for just 50-100 people, word of mouth spread like a wildfire and the mixer attracted hundreds of Fashion professionals and industry leaders. The event was structured in 3 parts which consisted of an exclusive VIP experience with red carpet interviews conducted by Dora Spectacular from 7 pm – 8 pm accompanied by cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres served by District M. VIPs also enjoyed exclusive vendors Neveen Dominic Cosmetics and Marco Polo. VIPs spotted on the red carpet and throughout the event included Diandra Barnwell (E! So Cosmo), Jeremy Carver (CW Supernatural), Christopher Collie (Senior Editor at Large at Fashion Week Online & GQ Insider), Francesca Baker (Conde Nast Executive), Caribbean Rising Star Arita (Singer at Tempo Networks), Ray Diaz (Actor & Model), and CBS host Deborah Gordon.


Fashion Mingle FW'18_JULEIMAGES-94 (1)
Diandra Barnwell interviewed by Dora Spectacular Photo Credit: Julie Stanley
Fashion Mingle FW'18_JULEIMAGES-90
Diandra Barnwell Photo Credits: Julie Stanley
Fashion Mingle FW'18_JULEIMAGES-104
Jeremy Carver and Diandra Branwell Photo Credits: Julie Stanley
From left Briiante, Jeremy Carver, Christopher Collie, Diandra Barnwell. Photo Credits: Jane Kratochvil
Christopher Collie with Fashion Mingle Founders Melissa Shea and Beth Smith. Photo Credits: Jane Kratochvil
Fashion Mingle FW'18_JULEIMAGES-182
ARITA interviewed by Dora Spectacular. Photo Credits: Julie Stanley
Fashion Mingle FW'18_JULEIMAGES-173
ARITA Photo Credits: Julie Stanley
Fashion Mingle FW'18_JULEIMAGES-190
Ray Diaz Photo Credits: Julie Stanley
Melissa Shea, Moi (Stephania Schirru), and Beth Smith. Photo Credits: Patrick Hovan

At 8 pm the general admission entered the Row NYC lounge to join the VIPs in the networking experience. Unlike other events during NYFW, this networking party consisted of exchanging contacts and ideas with a collaborative mindset behind it.

“There were some great people at this event, this was great let’s stay connected” ~ Christopher Collie (Fashion Week Online)

“I loved the diversity in the room. Met so many incredible people from all walk of life with one common goal – to expand our network. Incredibly inspiring.” ~ Diandra Barnwell

“This was so much fun I didn’t expect to meet that many great people that I can really work with to grow my business”  ~ Gregorgina Herrera (Mexican Jewelry Designer)

The networking event hosted by Fashion Mingle united makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion photographers, on-air personalities, influencers, entertainers, models, fashion designers, PR professionals, and bloggers from across the World with the New York fashion community.

The networking party concluded with a dance party at 10 pm to the beats of Dj Nikki Nicole.

Dj Nikki Nicole Photo Credits: Jane Kratochvil

Sponsors of the event were Row NYC, Linger Magazine, Curls, Michelle Pajak – Reynolds, Nolcha Shows, Planet Fashion TV, My Event Is The Bomb, Rae Cosmetics, Paint Cosmetics, and Runway the Real Way.

With the Fashion Mingle Networking Party being such a great success and having filled the need of providing networking opportunities beyond just the runway shows during NYFW, it is no surprise that Fashion Mingle announced it will host its next networking party during NYFW on Sunday, September 9th, 2018. Stay tuned for more info. To grow your local Fashion Network through Fashion Mingle please sign up for your local fashion directory here for free:


Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder celebrate Unlikely Heroes in Dallas

I was in for a treat this past Saturday, as I had the opportunity to interview one of Hollywood’s hottest couples Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder (who actually live in Atlanta). They had flown out to Dallas, TX to celebrate Unlikely Heroes, a non-profit dedicated to rescue girls from sex-trafficking.

First, let me eliminate any kind of rumors in regards of these two love birds having  any trouble in paradise. They were very affectionate with each other, holding hands, and cuddling up on one another, anyone was able to tell how much they were in love with each other.

Host Nikki Reed with Ian Somerhalder (Photo Credits: Peter Larsen / Getty Images)

Nikki wore a beautiful floral-patterned bohemian style gown with black suede Jimmy Choo stilettos. Her husband kept it simple yet stylish with a crisp white shirt, black jeans and a grey blazer.

Event Chair Kenyon and Katie Colemn, hostes Savanna Chrisley special guest Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed, CEO of UH Erica Greve and Hostess Anjejah Johnson (Photo Credits: Peter Larsen / Getty Images)

After a few shots on the red carpet they came over to me for the interview. Nikki explained that she met Erica Greve (founder and CEO of Unlikely Heroes) very organically on a mutual friend’s back patio, they instantly connected after Reed learned what Unlikely Heroes stood for. From that point forward unconditional support and love was born between two powerhouses. Reed and Somerhalder don’t only lend their names and faces to the organization but also get actively involved with the girls. They visited the  rescue homes, rode bikes with the girls, took them to get manicures done with the goal of building a relationship with them. When Ian and Nikki can’t physically be present they facetime the girls to show them that they are loved and cared about.

Rikki Reed with Husband Ian Somerhalder (Photo Credits: Demarcus Mitchell / The Breeze Life)

To my question of what the everyday person can do to support this cause Nikki responded instantly with “We need to talk about it”. Sex slavery is still a very uncomfortable topic, many believing this atrocity only happening overseas or somewhere else. But it is happening right now right here in the U.S. with Atlanta, New York, and Las Vegas being the largest hubs in our country emphasized The Vampire Diaries Star.

The power couple is very passionate about the cause, believes in Erica, her team and the infrastructure Unlikely Heroes is building to change the world. UH has grown tremendously in the past 5 years having established 4 rescue homes globally. There is also one here in Dallas and I encourage everyone to get involved with it!!!

Quick outfit change for the evening Dress by Asos and Shoes by Lola Shoetique (Photo Credits: Chunte Foster)

The 4th Annual Recognizing Heroes Charity Benefit sponsored by Sumits Yoga Colleyville and sponsored by iHeart Media and KISS FM later on in the evening was beautiful yet very emotional. The stories shared in the ball room of the Ritz-Carlton in uptown Dallas were heartbreaking but also hopeful. I can’t imagine what these little girls have been through but I also admire their strength and resilience to survive. To read some of the incredible rescue stories click here. Dallas gave wholeheartedly as always and Jordin Sparks let the night end with an outstanding performance!

Jordin Sparks killing her performance (Photo Credits: Peter Larsen / Getty Images)

Please comment and share this post with your friends and following. We need to get this message out to FUCKING end SEX SLAVERY!!!


Dynamically Branded

Madelyn Brené’s first official music video to AK 47

Dallas singer/actress Madelyn Brené released her first official music video to “AK 47” on Thursday January 29th, 2015.

photo 1 (3)

The classically trained vocalist chose a very simplistic concept to visualize her first single “AK 47”. The video features her as a broken woman picking up the pieces accompanied by a bass player in the background. Filmed in black and white the scenes deliver a nostalgic atmosphere every woman has felt after a breakup. Musically, we solely hear Madelyn’s beautiful voice complimented by raw bass and drum beats. The motivation behind the simplicity of her video and song production was to keep the focus on the strong lyrics.

photo 2 (2)

As most love songs “AK 47” is based on the singer’s personal experience. Not only has she suffered from a broken heart but has also been a victim of domestic violence. Writing this song had a therapeutic effect on her and was crucial to overcoming this emotional burden. Madelyn went back in time to write the song and was reminded how much the relationship demanded from her physically as well as mentally. She literally said “It took my soul”. It is said that a heartache is very close to a gun shot, it is for this reason that the artist chose “AK47” as the title, since it represents one of the most powerful guns.

The talented Madelyn Brené has announced to release an R&B remix of her first single as well. Further she shared the plans of shooting several more music videos to singles from her EP “All of me”, which will be released this spring. The video to “AK 47” is viewable here . For more information about the singer visit

photo 3