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If you’ve been following my blog and/or social media you will have noticed that I have a habit of combining a vintage statement piece with trendy elements. I love being comfortable while looking stylish. I went through my closet and found this vintage key lime green Dior blazer my mom gifted me (well I basically loaned it and never returned it ;-)) so I created an outfit around it.


ss_winter17_outfit_ii_3 (1)
Photo Credits: The Breeze Life


  1. Bodysuit with High Neck from Missguided:

I love bodysuits because they don’t leave any lines as a tucked in shirt or blouse would. Just make sure the bodysuit has a snap bottom closure otherwise going to the bathroom will be a pain in the a$$.


Photo Credits: The Breeze Life


2. High waisted jeans from Fashion Nova:

The model I wore is the dark wash Jodeci, I love the fact that they are really long this was my first time purchasing Fashion Nova Jeans and as a 5’11 tall woman, I was pleasantly surprised. Only negative is that these jeans are really made for Vixens with hips and tiny waist. I had to get used to the tightness around my waist lol.

3. Nude-colored booties from Missguided:

They round up the outfit, are super stylish, edgy and very comfortable!!!


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I hope this gave you guys some inspiration to go through your closet and revamp some vintage blazers you might have forgotten about! As always like, share and comment!!!


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Fall Fashions 2015

Fall is my favorite season fashion wise, because it is neither too hot nor too cold. As long as you have cute boots or booties and skinny jeans you’re good to go. But the question is where to shop for cute outfits and what are some of the Fall trends out right now. I don’t really follow trends I wear whatever flatters my body and I shop for pieces that I can mix and match. Some of the trends I’ve noticed are

1. The Culottes in different materials and prints. Elle Magazine had some great suggestions how to wear them.

culotte 2


2. The Block Heel which we saw this summer on pumps and sandals. Boots and booties with a block heel are not only more comfortable but also look very polished. I recommend a higher heel with boots than with booties.

block heel

block heel tory

3. The Structured Midi Skirt, which is personally my favorite fall trend right now. not only because I’m a vintage fan but also because they create a very feminine and form flattering silhouette. Most designers presented them as part of their Fall/Winter 2015 collections during New York, Milan, London, and Paris Fashion Week.

midi 1 midi 2

4. Thigh High Boots, especially paired with skinny jeans or a mid-thigh skirt look super cute. I prefer flat thigh high boots because some high heeled thigh high boots can look a little slutty depending on which type of heel is chosen.


If you read all the way till here you are probably wondering where you can buy all these items without having to spend a fortune. Here are my go to websites:

  1. Asos
  2. Zara
  3. H&M
  4. Choies
  5. Gilt
  6. Ross Dress for Less
  7. Aldo
  8. NineWest

I hope this could help! Please comment and let me know what you think. What is your favorite Fall item in your closet?


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