How to WOW Editors and Decision Makers

I don’t know how many emails I sent to buyers, editors, and other decision makers without receiving a response. Frustrated I started talking to people in my inner circle that held influential positions. After soaking up their recommendations and experiences my response rate sky-rocked and my clients were featured in major publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmo, E-News, Sports Illustrated and other. Here the key points I paid attention to:

  1. Time is Money: Editors and Dicision Makers have very little time to read emails until they move on to the overflow of messages landing in their inbox. Therefore you only have a few seconds to catch their attention and explain your argument. Keep intros short and get straight to the point (Who, What, When). Please don’t write a page long essay. No one will read that!!!
  2. Visuals: Ever heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? I start my pitch emails with a strong, high resolution and professional picture. For example when I’m contacting buyers I include our best-selling items at the top of my email.
  3. Emphasize: Highlight and/or write in bold the most important things you want your reader to take away. Not only makes this reading your email easier but your audience doesn’t have to spend much time taking notes if your pitch is of interest.
  4. Think for the reader: As mentioned in 1. time is limited! Be concrete and tell a story. Avoid throwing out generalization such as “I have this amazing product you have to write about” instead paint a picture why your product is amazing and attach a cool yet unique story to it. Every magazine wants to write about something they have never heard of before. Every store wants to carry items that will fly off the shelves.
  5. Do your Research: You need to know who you’re writing to, most articles include the author’s name so make sure you address the correct person in your email. Find out topics and deadlines. If you pitch a summer trend for a winter issue your email will be deleted right away. If you have a great story but submitted past the deadline you might have missed out on a great advertising opportuniy.

I hope this will help you guys. If you need anyone to look over your pitch feel free to send me an email


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5 Tips For Staying Fabulous During Pregnancy

By Guest Contributor: Don’Chunte Foster-Bates

Sometimes during pregnancy your ability to effortlessly throw together an outfit for a casual lunch with  friends seems to go out the window. My daily style mantra became ‘I just wear what fits’ instead of ‘I wear what I love’. First trimester is easier due to the fact that most women don’t change dramatically. A couple of weeks into the second trimester is when things seem to get very tricky and complicated. You’ve outgrown your jeans and that adorable baby bump you envisioned previously actually looks now like a big lunch that just hasn’t quite settled. Leaving strangers to wonder if you’re pregnant or not. At least that’s the way I felt during my second trimester. I struggled the most with finding silhouettes that  work for the office and casual outfits but aren’t too sloppy. Only in the third trimester have I seemed to somewhat master dressing for my bump. Here are a few tips to help you find your fashionista a little sooner than I did:

  1. You don’t have to invest in an entirely new wardrobe. Pregnancy is only 10 months. Buy as you go. I strongly suggest waiting until 2nd  trimester to start purchasing items as your body will start to noticeably change around that time for most people.

    CT Look 1 (1)
    Wear your old blazers and match them with a fashionable crop top. Photo Credits:
  2. Buy maternity jeans/pants! While using a belly band is a great way to stay in your regular pants as long as possible, nothing beats maternity jeans in my opinion. I suggest buying 2 pair in the second trimester and one more in the third trimester. Work pants with elastic bands are your friend.

    Belly Band. Photo Credits:
  3.  It’s ok to wear fitted clothes. I struggled with this. I bought loose boyfriend-style t-shirts from stores like H&M which are fine, but they didn’t do my pregnant figure much justice. If you’re still in the secret period of your pregnancy, then it’s understandable that you want things to be a little loose. After that, go ahead and show off that bump.

    CT look 3
    Form fitting dresses are great for showing off those new curves. Photo Credits:
  4.  Don’t be afraid to repeat items. Finding things that fit, look great and are comfortable can be a challenge. Make the most out of your favorites as well as mix & match pieces.

    CT look4
    Maxi Dresses are always a carefree go to. Photo Credits:
  5. Some of your pre-pregnancy items will still fit. Don’t get so caught up in finding clothing labeled ‘maternity’ that you don’t try to wear things that you were wearing pre-pregnancy. Cardigans, blazers and some of your athletic wear may still fit.
    CT look 2
    Neutral staples are very easy to style. Photo Credits:


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