Minority owned businesses you should SUPPORT

Now more then ever it has become very important to support minority-owned businesses. Not only to pour back into the very community we come from but also to be equipped to compete with global players that want to swallow us up for the unique value proposition we offer as well as the strong relationships we’ve built with our customer base. We all have stayed in business because we solve a specific problem that other companies weren’t able to solve in the same manner we do. Why do we invest in a company we have absolutely no relationship with instead of helping build up our fellow minority business owner? I understand that the options will be more limited and might be a little more expensive but it will pay off in the long-run. I strongly encourage you to pour back into your community when possible. I have listed various minority-owned businesses you should consider supporting:

1. Fashion

Photo Credits: Thomas Garza Photography

Esé Azénabor’s designs are inspired by the arts and her culture. Whether you need a couture garment for a special event or your dream wedding gown. Nigeria born Esé Azénabor will create a one-of a kind garment just for you. The designer is based in Dallas but serves clients internationally.

William Okpo is lead by sister Duo Darlene Okpo and Lizzy Okpo. The young label offers ready-to-wear designs inspired by the sisters’ love for 90’s hip hop. Their talent even moved Solange Knowles to recruit the designers for a collaboration on a Puma Disc Sneaker.

Jacque M. Handbags is a Dallas based company that prides itself by hand-crafting unique handbags ranging from clutches,  tote bangs and even the most stylish fanny packs. Celebrities such as Kandi Burruss or Draya Michelle have been spotted rocking Jacque M. Handbags.

Hashtag Heels Shoetique  is a Dallas-based company that is passionate about bringing international shoe trends and the most popping style of heels to shoe-fanatics all across the nation. They have a storefront in Dallas as well as an online-store.

2. Hair Products:

Photo Credits: http://www.fabellis.com

ShaeMoisture is personally my favorite hair care line, the Curl & Style Milk specifically works best for me. Despite the outrage caused by their latest promo video (which was racially too inclusive for some supporters) I still believe we can’t let them hang just because of 1 mistake or 1 misunderstanding. The CEO explained in an interview on The Breakfast Club that the ad had leaked without approval and he repeatedly apologized for offending their core customers. He also pointed out that in order to grow and not be crushed by multi-billion companies they had to start including other markets. Watch the full interview here. I continue to love and support ShaeMoisture! They have sponsored various of my events and are giving back to the community in a major way through their  Community Commerce Program.

CURLS was founded in 2002 in Elk Grove, California by CEO, Mahisha Dellinger. Now greatly expanded, CURLS is available in major retailers such as target CVS, Target, and Walmart. Celebrities and influencers such as Natasha Hastings swear by their blueberry bliss curl selection.

4. Make-Up

image 15
Photo Credits: Neveen Dominic Cosmetics

Neveen Dominic Cosmetics is a Canada based luxury beauty company redefining beauty standards. Hailing from South Sudan the CEO Neveen Dominic struggled with bullying due to her darker complexion all her life. When Neveen saw other dark skinned women turn towards extreme methods such as skin bleaching to fit more Eurocentric standards of beauty, she knew that the issue was more than skin deep. Consequently she created her own Luxury Cosmetics and Skin Care line Neveen Dominic Cosmetics

Black Opal was one of the very first make-up companies that catered to darker skin tones. They have paved the way for other minority owned businesses and reinvented themselves over and over again.

4. Food & Drinks

Photo Credits: Taylored Wines

Pudding on Smiles is my favorite dessert company in Dallas and run by a married couple. They are the definition of a power couple, she produces the treats he takes care of sales, marketing, events and distribution. Their infamous pudding jars are available at the Grapevine Farmers Market, at Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park, Market Provisions in Dallas, Roy Pope Grocery in Fort Worth and many more.

Elaine’s Kitchen is one of my favorite hole in the wall spots on MLK Jr Blvd in Dallas. The Jamaican cuisine in this particular restaurant is simply off the chain I recommend the jerk shrimp or the oxtails.

Tacos La Banqueta  became my favorite Taco Joint after a very disappointing experience with my former love interest Fuel City. I came across this taqueria after reading an article on D-Magazine about the best tacos in DFW. Unlike Fuel City which is white-owned Tacos La Banqueta is still Mexican-owned.

Sociologie Wine offers a fruit forward Red Blend and a lovely Blushing Rose. The founder and CEO Amy Hampton started off by serving her delicious wine blends to family and friends at various gatherings. Soon after her guests began requesting Amy’s wines by the bottle, she knew she had to turn her passion into a business.

5. Fitness

Photo Credits: Jacoby Veals FB

Choice Training will satisfy all your fitness needs, whether you’re looking for boot-camps, group fitness or even a pole dancing class. They got you covered!

Veals Fitness is one of your top choices if you need a more intense body transformation and are ready to completely change your lifestyle. Founder and CEO Jacoby Veals went through a drastic physical transformation himself (see picture above) and his clients’ testimonials speak for the quality of his work. He will create custom workouts and meal prep plans for you. If you need daily motivation to live healthier you can also follow his social media @fit_veals :-).

Please share and let me know if this was helpful. Also if you know a minority owned business the world needs to know about please comment below or send me an email.


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5 pounds in 1 week

I’m not a fan of dieting or counting calories because these methods make you crave certain foods, regain the weight once you eat “normal” again and are simply stressful which raises your blood sugar level. Then when you don’t see any results for torturing yourself, it just becomes frustrating. If you are really trying to lose weight permanently you have to change your lifestyle. I have always eaten relatively healthy and exercised on a regular basis but for some reason I couldn’t lose these extra few pounds. I made a few changes in my diet which I can easily incorporate into my busy lifestyle.

1. Less Sugar

I’m one of those human beings that used to drink their sugar with coffee. Baristas always looked at me crazy when they saw how much sugar I put in my coffee. Instead of putting 10-12 packs of sugar in my coffee and tea now I use a little bit of sweetener or honey. I also started making my own oatmeal instead of buying the flavored packs that have a lot of sugar. I simply added cinnamon and a little bit of honey and/or lightly caramelized apples. I pay more attention to the ingredients label when I go grocery shopping and avoid products that contain loads of sugar.

2. Less Salt

I significantly reduced my salt intake. Salt made me retain water so cutting salt also helped me lose weight.

3. Meal Prep

I invested one day to cook all my meals for the week. In such way you don’t grab anything unhealthy when you’re too lazy to cook or throw a processed meal in the microwave. I also brought my lunch to work which helped save money and eat healthy throughout the day

4. Vegetables high in fiber and protein

Lentils are a great source for protein and fiber. They speed up your metabolism and clean you out from the inside. I made delicious lentil burgers and lentil risotto. I started eating Quinoa which is also rich in fiber, protein and other essential nutrients.

Lentil Risotto photo credits: MarthaStewart.com
Lentil Risotto photo credits: MarthaStewart.com

5. Exercise

Exercising is part of a healthy lifestyle I worked out 4 times a week before work. Due to health issues I can’t do any high impact workouts anymore such as running, basketball or P90X. Instead I started swimming, doing yoga, and a more intense ab, butt and leg workout I can easily do in my room (30-45 minutes).

6. Green Tea

Green tea is known to be an excellent source of powerful antioxidants and could reduce your risk of cancer. It also increases your brain power, fat burning function and metabolism. Why do you think that green tea is included in so many weight loss products?

7. Less carbs for dinner

I consciously avoided carbs loaded meals for dinner. I chose a protein and veggies. Instead of using a bun for the lentil burger I used a lettuce leaf for example. Little changes like that go a long way.

Lentil Burger with Quinoa Salad

7. Water

Make sure you drink lots of water especially in this Texas heat. I started buying big bottles so I can keep better track of how much water I drink. Moreover I started making my own detox water with limes, frozen berries, mint leaves and pressed ginger. So refreshing and it helped me with drinking more water throughout the day!

The combination of all these 7 elements helped me loose weight while boosting my energy levels. I didn’t have to starve or kill myself in the gym either. The meals I prepared were healthy, delicious and made me full. This worked for me, it might work for you too. Let me know if this helped with your diet and eating habits! Find great lentil recipes here!

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