How to Elevate your Brand to the Next Level

Do you feel like you’re stuck and not leveling up to your full potential? Are you tired of still being in the same place you were over a year ago or even longer? Sick of low or non-existing sales? Are you finally ready to make a drastic change to reach your goals? Then this post is for you!

When my clients and myself started taking these 3 steps, we saw exponential growth in clients, sales, productivity, motivation, network.

1. Invest in your Business: That means, allocate funds towards a professional website, a real logo, labels, packaging, a storefront/showroom, etc.. Hire professionals to do what you can’t. If you’re a fashion designer, hire models and a great photographer to capture your collection. Employ someone in charge of just sales & marketing, hire an accountant that keeps up with your business finances. This will free up your time and allow you to focus on designing and the bigger picture of your business goals. If you’re a busy stylist who can’t keep up with social media hire someone to manage it. Invest in your education via classes and webinars. The Fashion World is one of the fastest-changing industries, it’s very challenging to stay abreast of all the changes and trends. But thanks to the internet you can attend online classes, webinars, masterclasses, or even get certified in areas such as social media, fashion marketing, Fashion Business Management, etc. without having to leave the comfort of your home. Hootsuite Academy and Fashion Brain Academy offer great courses and so do Fashion Institutes. I personally will offer an online class on Nov 6th for Fashionpreneurs that are serious about taking their business to the next level but can’t afford to hire a marketing professional yet. You can REGISTER HERE for it.

Once you enhance your expertise you will be better prepared to cater to your clients and understand the ecosystem of the fashion industry. There is also financial gain in offering a superior product/service, the more qualified you are the more you can charge. Another benefit of investing in your business is that you come across more professionally and your audience will take you more seriously.

Also, invest time in reading about the Fashion Industry. I created a habit of reading Fashion Newsletters before I get started with my day. The ones I recommend are Business of Fashion, WWD, Vogue Business, and PR Couture. See those line items as investments in your business that will pay off in the long term and enable you to reach higher levels. If you’re not willing to invest and believe in yourself why should others?

2. Be Consistent: Your quality of work needs to be consistent with all clients, products, events, etc. This will establish your reputation, create accountability, and build your brand identity. Be consistent in the quality and frequency of the content you put out on social media and online. Don’t just post to post but instead add value for your audience. Also, consistency is the only way to measure if a new strategy is working or not. Be consistent in your leadership as well. If you say you only care about results and not how your employees achieve them you can’t start micro-managing them all of a sudden. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so when trying something new try to maintain it for at least 21 days.

3. Surround Yourself with Positive Energy: There is nothing more draining than being around negative people that suck the life out of you. Surround yourself with like-minded go-getters who will motivate you to keep going and to level up. If you don’t have any friends that are part of the entrepreneurial lifestyle join groups or attend conferences. Great groups to join are FGI, DIFFA, your local Entrepreneurship Center, Start-Up Fashion, and Fashion Mingle. There are additional programs such as GC4Women, Tory Burch Foundation, The SBA, and Accelerator Programs such as Y Combinator, that provide small businesses with mentorship, consulting, and funding opportunities.

I would love to hear from you. What do you struggle with the most in your business? What’s holding you back? Which investments are difficult to make in your business? Or which step(s) mentioned in my post would you like to implement next? You can comment below or email me at


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Tory Burch’s Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

Interview with Tory Burch

Tonight I attended the”FIRESIDE CHAT WITH TORY BURCH” presented by  Bank of America and the Tory Burch Foundation. The event started with a short film about women entrepreneurs typically not asking for capital when it is time to do so. The video also showed different options on how to acquire capital (personal, family&friends, banks, third party institutions, angel investors, or venture capitalist). A statistic that stuck with me was only every 23rd dollar loaned goes to women entrepreneurs.

Then followed a panel discussion with two female entrepreneurs that became part of the Tory Burch Foundation Network and received funding through one of the foundation’s partners, the People Fund. What both business women had in common was the fact that their demand was exceeding their supply and it was time to grow. They were turned down by financial institutions but thanks to the People Fund they obtained capital at lower interest rates and on top of that received the necessary guidance and financial education to maintain a thriving business.

Highlight of this evening was Tory Burch‘s advice for women entrepreneurs:

  1. Social Media is a great way to advertise your business, this powerful tool wasn’t available back in the day. But when using social media be authentic, people nowadays are so tech-savvy that will notice when you are being dishonest.
  2. Develop a culture based on your values early on, make it known to your employees why you started your business. Be transparent! It was her goal to establish a lifestyle brand to fund a foundation for less fortunate.
  3. When going through rough times, just go through them, don’t over-stress. Look forward and never back! Tory Burch went through a divorce and not long after through a very public law suit, while her business was still in the beginning stages. She knew it would eventually be over and kept the bigger picture in mind.
  4. Let the closed doors fuel you to go even harder!

If it is time for you to grow, definitely check out The Tory Burch Foundation and the People Fund. Please share this info with other women entrepreneurs!!!


Dynamically Branded