Esé Azénabor creates a Night to remember

This past Tuesday, Nigeria born designer Esé Azénabor showcased her most elaborate Fall/Winter collection entitled “Venetian Dream”. The designer was particularly satisfied with this collection because she took her time and didn’t oblige to New York Fashion Week’s harsh deadlines.

Talented designer in the middle with her two last finale looks. Photo Credits: Thomas Garza Photography

The inspiration for this series of intricate designs originated from Azénabor’s desire of adding a Venetian flair to her home. Throughout her research on Venetian inspired homes, she became fascinated with the antique plaster work, dramatic moldings and the unique architecture. She successfully emulated those elements in her collection through intricate beading and embroidery. Core components of her collection include materials such as silk crepe, silk mesh and silk tulle. Known for her detailed beading and embroidery work, in this collection the designer utilized a combination of Japanese glass beads, sequins and Swarovski crystals. All garments were 100% hand sewn with custom fabrics exclusively created for this collection. The colorfulness of the last collection inspired by the Garden of Eden contrasts with the Venetian Dream’s whites, golds, and blacks. Again Esé Azénabor stepped into new terrain turning a vision into reality.

Untitled design (4)
Spring/Summer 2016 as showcased during NYFW. Photo Credits: Thomas Garza Photography
Untitled design (3)
Fall/Winter 2016 Collection. Photo Credits: Thomas Garza Photography

As most of Esé Azénabor’s events, the Venetian Dream showcase was tied to a local charity, Ally’s Wish, a DFW non-profit which grants wishes to young mothers battling terminal illnesses so they may create memories with their families that last a lifetime. Hostess Tricia Sims’ beautiful estate in Preston Hollow was filled with Dallas socialites, fashion lovers and local press. Even Neiman Marcus buyers could be spotted in the front row. Esé Azénabor’s FW16 presentation was one to be definitely remembered. Instead of following a traditional straight or L-shaped runway, models strutted (accessorized by D’Monti Hand Bags and Couture Rocks Jewelry) across Sims’ home reminiscent of Chanel’s outstanding Métiers d’Art Show of 2015.

Front Row from left: Fox 4 Anchor Dionne Anglin, Stylist Jeanette Chivvis, Neiman Marcus Buyers, and The Hair Bar Owner Gina Ginsburg. Photo Credits: Thomas Garza Photography

The ambiance would not have been complete without its Mistress of Ceremony LeeAnne Locken, a cast member of Bravo’s new hit show “The Real Housewives of Dallas“.

Mistress of Ceremony LeeAnne Locken, Photo Credits Thomas Garza Photography

Esé Azénabor’s goal is to empower women through the art of fashion. Any woman wearing this collection will stand taller, be more confident, and smile harder in the mirror. For more info on garments contact or visit


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Most Common Mistakes Designers make on Social Media

Most Common (2)

After gaining more experience in the fashion industry and having worked with several designers. I realized that majority of super talented designers made the same mistakes on social media. Once these were fixed, not only did we observe more organic followers and engagement but also increased sales, which should be your end goal anyways.

1. Inconsistency

Many make the mistake of posting every now and then, or they keep up with their posts for a while but then go on hiatus for 3 weeks. Just like in any relationship, consistency is very important. For example if a guy texts you every day but then goes M.I.A. all of a sudden for a week, how would you feel? I would think he’s playing games or doesn’t really care to put forth the effort into our potential relationship. Guess what? Your customer will think the same from a buyer-seller standpoint. You still have to gain your customers’ trust FIRST before they are willing to purchase your product. Being consistent builds trust, customers learn that they can rely on and ultimately will expect it from you. Consistency also translates into consistent product quality, consistent customer service, and consistent customer experiences. If you don’t have the time to post every day use social media scheduling tools such as Hootsuite (free for up to 3 accounts) or hire a social media manager. Please comment below if you need help in that area.

2. Long Response Times

If you are taking more than 24 hours to respond to a comment or a message 90% of the time you will have lost that customer. Unfortunately, we live in an instant community, where everyone wants everything now and fast. In regards to a new customer he/she will certainly take his/her business to another company if too much time is elapsed before a response is received. Many large companies handle most of their customer service via social media nowadays because it has become such a vital part of our every day lives. See it as a way of avoiding to be yelled at on the phone by an angry customer ;-). Not being responsive can also cause a negative PUBLIC buzz which you want to avoid at any cost. Responding in a timely manner demonstrates that you care and in return builds TRUST! I had a client for example that had over 200 unanswered messages when I took over the brand’s social media. I am still working on gaining the customers’ trust back.

3. Not using Professional Pictures

Everything you post is a representation of you and your brand. If your pictures aren’t professional the automatic assumption is being made that neither are your products. You don’t have to hire an expensive photographer or book a studio. You can create a studio like atmosphere in your own home (see picture below where I created my DIY studio). All you need are two ironed white sheets, pins a model and a camera (iPhone 6 takes great pics). Pictures at arboretums and botanical gardens also look gorgeous and professional.

E92D61F6-7652-43DE-BC7F-01661A09F16F (1)
DIY Studio

I hope this could help some of you guys out. Please share and comment below. I also would love to know if there are any topics you guys would like for me to cover.


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New York Fashion Week Recap

As promised below you will read a brief recap of all the excited highlights I experienced during my hectic, yet fun 5 days spent during New York Fashion Week.

1. Fashion Shows

They were extremely stressful to attend not only because they were spread out all across the city but also due to the fact that at least 6 six shows were simultaneously taking place. That’s why it was crucial to have a concrete road map for each day (as mentioned in my previous blog). Once we managed overcoming the disgraceful cold, we had a blast at the different shows.

Highlight of all the shows I attended was the Vera Wang Show. After overcoming 4 security check points I was in the same room as  Editor in Chief of the American Vogue Anna Wintour, NM Fashion Director Ken Downing, Vogue’s Creative Director Grace Coddington, Kylie Jenner, Zoë Kravitz, June Ambrose and Beyoncé’s stylist Ty Hunter.

Front Row at the Vera Wang Show: Zoe Kravitz, Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods, June Ambrose, and Ty Hunter (from left to right) Photo Credits: Dynamically Branded
Ty Hunter and myself after the Vera Wang Show Photo Credits: Dynamically Branded

I was amazed by the magnitude of the production from lighting, to music to the extravagant runway. Top model and Keeping Up With The Kardashians Star Kendall Jenner opened up the show. The Vera Wang Collection was very simple yet elegant and feminine. I loved the maxi dresses and skirts with high slits as well as the sequin maxi dresses. If you would like to see the full finale please click here.

Untitled design (11)
My Favorite Looks: Collage created from pictures of Vera Wang’s Twitter

Project Runway Star Korto Momolu also showed out with her FW16 presentation taking place at the Manhattan Affinia Hotel as usual.

Untitled design (12)
Photo Credits: Victoria Shaw Photography

I was able to attend Dallas based Mahiri Takai‘s Men’s Fashion showcase. His line was predominantly black and white. I was intrigued by the clean lines and mixture of cottons and leather. He made maxi t-shirts and sweaters look super polished and elegant.

2. Fun besides the Shows

Since New York is the city that never sleeps I took advantage of several restaurants, after parties, art shows, thrift stores and elegant roof tops. I connected with several industry professionals that pointed me in the right direction of where the “cool kids” hang out after the shows and in general.

These were the hot spots: The Edition Hotel, The Standard (has a skating rink on the patio), The High Line Hotel, Sky Room, Up&Down.

image1 (3)
Amazing Brunch at Mogador Cafe in East Village
image2 (1)
Best Sushi of my Life from Alpha Fusion in Hell’s Kitchen
image3 (1)
Pizza from Artichoke in East Village

I really had a great time and admire anyone that had the endurance of attending 4+ fashion shows per day. If you need any advice on how to prepare for NYFW please leave a comment below. Also feel free to leave any comments or questions.


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Getting Ready for NYFW 2016

Photo Credits: Thomas Garza Photography

It’s that time of the year again. The biggest fashion spectacle is coming to the Big Apple. For some reason the FW showcases are more prestigious than the SS. I guess you have more fabric to create more extravagant pieces. Anyways, I’ve been planning this trip since December. It’s important to have a game plan and to maximize your time while being in the Fashion Mecca. Here is my NYFW blueprint:

1. Time: NYFW is Feb 10th – 18th I will stay 11th-16th  (I can’t stand the cold for too long :-))

Map by NYFW

2. Location: Most of the shows will take place between Midtown and Soho, so I decided to stay within this area, I won’t say exactly where but fairly to close to Washington Square Park. The best options to book a hotel room or to rent out an apartment will be found on Hotwire and AirBnB.


3. Shows: I only have 6 days to attend as many shows as possible. I am planning on attending the shows of Binzario Couture, Project Runway Star Kortu Momolu, Newcomer  Charu Lochan Dass, DVF, Elie Tahari, and Herve Leger. For more info on calendars, check out Fashion Week Online or CFDA .

4. Sightseeing: Of course, I also would love to see more of New York City this time. On my to do list are: Central Park, Ground Zero, Pizza in Staten Island, and a Broadway show.

5. Networking: The Creme de la Creme of Fashion will be in the City, networking will be therefore vital to broaden my reach and influence. Industry related happy-hours, mixers and after-parties are the places to be at in order to rub shoulders with other Fashion Professionals.

To stay updated on my status and to see if I was able check everything off my to do list, follow me on IG, Twitter and Periscope @MsLally9.


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