NYFW felt Differently this Year

Granted I wasn’t sure until end of January if I was going to attend this year. So I was a little late on sending out RSVPs. But I ended up attending 3 shows and showcased at Essence Fashion House with my client Ese Azenabor which was more than enough. I was glad that all shows listed on the official calendar were at Spring Studios and not all across town as in previous years. Big trend this year was the influence of Asian designers. More and more Asian designers are trying to break through the U.S. market and have the financial & moral support from their home country. Another major change this year was the charging of an entrance fee of $550+ to the once invite-only shows. It is important to mention that only a certain amount of total seats were sold and that the majority was still invite based. NYFW can be very expensive for designers, so I understand trying to recuperate some of their investment. But some argue that this trend could destroys the industry and keep the real industry leaders away by eliminating the notion of exclusivity. Instead of selling tickets designers could reach out to corporate partners that will help offset the cost. The presence of A-List celebrities and Editors in Chief was also missing at many shows instead Reality Tv Stars and unknown influencers kept snapping selfies sitting front row this year.

The first show I attended was Randi Rahm:

Randi Rahm who’s known for providing gowns to the Bachelorette cast, presented her latest Fall/Winter Evolution Couture/INK for NYFW 2020 at the Public Hotel. Her signature gowns, many inspired by the art of tattoo, stylish party-goers in their luscious dark and gem tones reflected the mood of the evening. I believe the designer was going for a Moulin Rouge vibe but the space was very small for the number of guests in the building. There were approximately only 30 guest seated and everything seemed very unorganized. The runway was elevated in a short T-shaped layout. I’m 5’11 and wore heels so I was able to see standing but the rows behind me couldn’t see a thing. What I loved was that the runway show featured models of all ages, sizes, and gender identities. The garments were beautiful with very sleek silhouettes, high slits, mesh illusion sleeves and backs.

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The second show I attended was the Asia Fashion Collection:

An incubation project produced and supported by Vantan Inc. and PARCO, in cooperation with other Asia-based partners. AFC is passionate about widening the reach of the fashion industry by fostering the growth of the continent’s most promising up-and-coming designers. This year’s designers were KTOKA – Japan VEGAN TIGER – South Korea, ito – Japan, zizi shi – Parsons (born in China), chalisa – Thailand, SEANNUNG – Taiwan, aNANA tih sayim  – Japan

Third show and one of the most fun shows was Cynthia Rowley:

I was granted behind the scenes access and could witness the prep work of the glam team as well as get a first peek of the looks and runway production layout before the general audience. Hair was sponsored by Moroccanoil and Make-Up by Bobbi Brown. Produced by IMG Focus, models strutted up and down the U-shaped runway.

I loved the unexpected element they included in their show. They scattered models in the audience to storm the runway and shock their seat-mates. People were literally gasping with their mouths wide open.

“Airy dresses over t-shirts, feather-weight silks and cotton, a collage of spicy colors, faux fur
and suede created a season less mix of layers. While it was a mash-up of color, texture, and
print, every piece was designed with intention and is produced in limited quantities keeping
fashion’s impact on the environment in mind.” – Cynthia Rowley PR. The overall theme was very playful with a 70s flair. The models had fun, flirted with audience and photographers.

I will write about Essence Fashion House in a separate post. Until then, read, comment, and share. Would love to hear which shows you’ve attended this year!


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How to get into New York Fashion Week

It’s almost about that time again. From September 10th – 17th hundreds of designers will show their never before seen Spring/Summer 2016 Collections. Lately I have been asked quite often how to get into these shows. First you have to find out the different schedules. The three largest producers of New York Fashion Week are IMG (producer of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week), MADE, and Fashion Gallery New York. Once you determined which show you would like to attend it’s time to reach out. I don’t want to burst your bubble but it is almost impossible to attend the most prestigious shows as attendance is usually invite only. But you can always try! CFDA has an official calendar with RSVP information. Designers that have been approved by the CFDA are the ones to look out for. Their calendar is on a subscription base, but if you comment below and share my post on social media with #DynamicallyBranded I will share with you Zac Posen’s and Carolina Herrera’s RSVP info :-).

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So here a few tips how to get in to New York Fashion Week Shows:

1. Local Designers

Find out who in your area will be showing. Most local Designers can be contacted via social media or even by phone. They usually love it when their home base is supportive and don’t shy away from sharing  the RSVP information.

Yes, it is a very common practice during NYFW to RSVP and to await the confirmation of your request.

2. Public Relations Companies of Designers

Most designers hire public relation companies to manage all the press work and guest list, if you do a little research you will find out easily which designer is represented by which PR company. Some designers have this info even listed on their websites.

3. Producers

You can try contacting the producing company directly to learn about the RSVP email.

4. Fashion Show Crasher

This might sound funny to you, but I have heard of several people just crashing fashion shows. They find out time and location, dress up and just show up to the shows. I don’t recommend it as you could be turned away or escorted out by security but let me know if it worked for you!

I hope this gave you guys a little bit more insight about New York Fashion Week’s ins and outs.


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Fashion Week New York loses TWO Sponsors

(Photo Credits: http://www.mbfashionweek.com)

It’s official, the German luxury automobile maker Mercedes Benz has officially dropped out as New York Fashion Week’s title sponsor. Mercedes Benz has announced it will continue its efforts in supporting the fashion industry and therefore remain sponsor of Berlin’s and Sydney’s Fashion Week. The reasons behind the lost sponsorship are unconfirmed, but the absence of major design power houses such as DVF and Michael Kors in recent years may play a significant role in such matters. As a consequence there will be a small name change of the week long fashion production. After February 2015, the fashion spectacle will simply be referred to as New York Fashion Week.The traditional fashion festivities in New York won’t stop of course. CFDA and IMG (international media company and mastermind behind the international fashion spectacle) have agreed to move Fashion Week to Culture Shed downtown, but with projected construction work until 2017 another strategic move had to be executed in order secure New Yorks Fashion Week’s survival. IMG has voiced its plans to acquire long-term competitor MADE Fashion Week, which provides designers a more affordable platform to expose their creations to the New York Market. To let the numbers talk real quick: MBFW charges designers anything from $75,000 to $500,000, whereas MADE Fashion Week supplies the venue, hair, make-up, lighting and seating for free.

(Photo Credits: www.mbfashionweek.com)
(Photo Credits: http://www.mbfashionweek.com)

It seems as the bad news just keep adding up for IMG, it has been confirmed that American Express has pulled out as a sponsor as well. The recent drastic changes of New York Fashion Week’s future started with a court ruling forcing the iconic fashion event to vacate Lincoln Center. This unfortunate outcome was the result of a law suit in 2013 against the City Parks Department for “abusing” Damrosch Park which is directly connected to Lincoln Center. It is still uncertain where the Spring/Summer Fashion Week will take place at in September, but fashionistas are expressing concerns in regards of Fashion Week losing its iconic flair without Mercedes Benz and Lincoln Center being part of the equation.

What do you guys think? I would like to know your thoughts so please comment below.


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