How to get into New York Fashion Week

It’s almost about that time again. From September 10th – 17th hundreds of designers will show their never before seen Spring/Summer 2016 Collections. Lately I have been asked quite often how to get into these shows. First you have to find out the different schedules. The three largest producers of New York Fashion Week are IMG (producer of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week), MADE, and Fashion Gallery New York. Once you determined which show you would like to attend it’s time to reach out. I don’t want to burst your bubble but it is almost impossible to attend the most prestigious shows as attendance is usually invite only. But you can always try! CFDA has an official calendar with RSVP information. Designers that have been approved by the CFDA are the ones to look out for. Their calendar is on a subscription base, but if you comment below and share my post on social media with #DynamicallyBranded I will share with you Zac Posen’s and Carolina Herrera’s RSVP info :-).

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So here a few tips how to get in to New York Fashion Week Shows:

1. Local Designers

Find out who in your area will be showing. Most local Designers can be contacted via social media or even by phone. They usually love it when their home base is supportive and don’t shy away from sharing  the RSVP information.

Yes, it is a very common practice during NYFW to RSVP and to await the confirmation of your request.

2. Public Relations Companies of Designers

Most designers hire public relation companies to manage all the press work and guest list, if you do a little research you will find out easily which designer is represented by which PR company. Some designers have this info even listed on their websites.

3. Producers

You can try contacting the producing company directly to learn about the RSVP email.

4. Fashion Show Crasher

This might sound funny to you, but I have heard of several people just crashing fashion shows. They find out time and location, dress up and just show up to the shows. I don’t recommend it as you could be turned away or escorted out by security but let me know if it worked for you!

I hope this gave you guys a little bit more insight about New York Fashion Week’s ins and outs.


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  1. Thanks for such interesting information! I shared it on twitter and I’ll be glad to get Zac Posen’s and Carolina Herrera’s RSVP info 😉

  2. This is an interesting post! This is my first time going to NYFW and I knew to research different companies and pr’s that were holding events

  3. I would like to say .. Thanks so much for your post..!!! I leave September 11 to NYC attending a Makeup class , possibly being chosen to work one of those fashion shows. I pray it will open up more opportunities for me. Any additional information you can provide me with I would greatly appreciate it !!!

  4. This is great info for all those who inspire to reach this part of their fashion bucket list.

  5. Thank you so much for the information as I have been long to attend a NYFW event for 3 years. I shared your post on my Twitter page and look forward to recovering additional info. from you.
    Thank you again for your time & assistance.
    Delma Montanez

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