Tips to fight Anxiety & Stress

We live in a day and age where we are over-flooded with information. There is so much unnecessary, meaningless and simply dumb content out there. It becomes increasingly difficult to filter through all this clutter. Then, add the fact that we are addicted to our phones. I can literally do everything with the touch of a button on my phone. After talking to some of my friends and other entrepreneurs I became aware that I am not the only one suffering from anxiety. It’s actually very common. Anxiety is different for everyone but for me, my mind was constantly racing or went off the deep end by creating worst-case scenarios that are highly unlikely to happen. It is literally a downward spiral of worry followed by insomnia. Luckily I’ve never faced depression but anxiety could lead to that. I have learned my triggers and I found ways to prevent anxiety before it even arises:

  1. Turn off Alerts on your phone and desktop: Having your thought process constantly interrupted, checking your email and social media after every alert adds to the unnecessary clutter. Studies showed that people spend on average two hours per day on social media, which is beating the time we spend on eating food, some teens spend up to 9 hours daily (Social Media Daily)! Crazy right? One of the reasons behind it is that a social media like creates dopamine in your brain, a chemical associated with pleasure (Business Insider). To prevent wasting precious time on emails and social media, it is way more efficient to set two times throughout the day to check your emails and answer them in bulk instead or going into your inbox everytime you get an alert. Same goes for social media. If it is part of your marketing strategy, schedule your posts through automation (e.g. Hootsuite) and spend 30-45 mins/day interacting with your audience during your peak time which can be determined by paying attention to your analytics.Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 2.23.07 PM
  2. Don’t answer your phone after certain hours: As a publicist, I try to be available as much as possible for my clients. I used to answer questions at all times and they got used to it. Those late night phone calls and texts never were real emergencies and could have waited until the next day. Since then I made it a rule that after 9pm I won’t respond to anything business related unless we have an event, travel, or major interview lined up for the following day. I often don’t answer my friends after hours either. This really helped me gain more peace, increase my rest, give my brain time to wind down as well as enjoy the time with loved ones and friends much
  3. Meditation: This element was crucial to my new lifestyle and added so much peace to my life. It doesn’t only help me calm down and escape from my hectic life, but also helps me think clearer and focus on the important things in life. I use the Inscape App which offers guided meditations for different life moments such as more vitality, reducing stress, better sleep at night, increased focus etc. They also have a physical location in NYC so everytime I’m in NYC I try to attend at least one class. Totally worth it especially after a hectic event such as New York Fashion Week. I often meditate and take deep breaths throughout the day when things are starting to pile up. 625011e4eba42b9e2ed95632a5d01a2b--hair-addiction-natural-hairstyles
  4. Switch your phone to airplane mode at night: Not only does this reduce radiation your phone exudes it also brings more tranquility to your life when you don’t see all the popups on your phone when you wake up. Another rule I implemented is to not check my phone the first 30-45 mins after I wake up. This helped me to fully enjoy my breakfast, morning cuddles with my boo and be more present overall. Because I know once I turn on my phone it’s over and it will be hard to get some time to myself.
  5. Be grateful: I wake up every day finding at least 3 new things I am grateful for in my life. Waking up with a grateful mindset sounds simple but it has improved my overall happiness so much and it also significantly reduced the times I compare my life with others, which had often lead to stress and unnecessary pressure I placed myself.grateful

I hope this helped you out a bit. Take time to be present, smell the roses when you take a walk and don’t look at your phone when you’re out for dinner. Who knows maybe you’ll take my tips to heart. If so, please email me about it

I would love to hear if any of you suffer from anxiety and what you do to overcome it.


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Vintage Dior…

If you’ve been following my blog and/or social media you will have noticed that I have a habit of combining a vintage statement piece with trendy elements. I love being comfortable while looking stylish. I went through my closet and found this vintage key lime green Dior blazer my mom gifted me (well I basically loaned it and never returned it ;-)) so I created an outfit around it.


ss_winter17_outfit_ii_3 (1)
Photo Credits: The Breeze Life


  1. Bodysuit with High Neck from Missguided:

I love bodysuits because they don’t leave any lines as a tucked in shirt or blouse would. Just make sure the bodysuit has a snap bottom closure otherwise going to the bathroom will be a pain in the a$$.


Photo Credits: The Breeze Life


2. High waisted jeans from Fashion Nova:

The model I wore is the dark wash Jodeci, I love the fact that they are really long this was my first time purchasing Fashion Nova Jeans and as a 5’11 tall woman, I was pleasantly surprised. Only negative is that these jeans are really made for Vixens with hips and tiny waist. I had to get used to the tightness around my waist lol.

3. Nude-colored booties from Missguided:

They round up the outfit, are super stylish, edgy and very comfortable!!!


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I hope this gave you guys some inspiration to go through your closet and revamp some vintage blazers you might have forgotten about! As always like, share and comment!!!


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The Gift Guide for Women’s Hottest Shoes

It is officially the most wonderful time of the year… And arguably the most expensive!!! Christmas time comes with warm, cozy scents, family, joy and gift guides! It can be tough to figure out what to get the fashionista in your life, so we’ve put together a small gift guide with some of the most popular shoes of the season. Seeing that the gift of giving can sometimes become financially stressful I tried out Kim K’s new shopping app, Screenshop, to find some budget-friendly versions to choose from as well.

  1. The infamous $10,000 Saint Laurent Niki Over-The-Knee Crystal Boots as seen on Rihanna, Cardi B, and Kendall Jenner or the Forever 21 Faux Crystal Knee High Boots for $88.00



  1. For the sporty girl in your life, you could hunt down these Balenciaga Triple S Trainers that are sold out online but run for $850.00. You could also go for the Fenty Trainer Mid Geo Sneakers that I think are just as fabulous and only go for $170.00. Get some sneaker inspiration from Draya, Kehlani, Kim K and of course, RiRi.
  1. Lala Anthony and Monica Brown were everyone’s #WCW when they were spotted in the Fendi Red Leather Cuissard Boots retailing at $1,350.  The always budget-friendly icon, Cardi B got the same look with the Steve Madden’s Dominique boots for just $99.98.


  1. Last, but not least, the every-day, fur loafers! You can go with Gucci and dish out $995.00 or you can go with the always reliable Target and only reach for $24.99! See these on the likes of both besties, Kendall and Gigi.


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How to earn money in transitional phases?

They say the average millionaire has 7 streams of income. If you have been in Corporate America for longer than two years you have probably either experienced or seen that job security isn’t really in existence. Honestly, after making my own bad experienced being employed I realized that you can’t really rely on one source of income only.  What if that one source is cut off without any notice? Or what if you are just miserable in your 9-5? Or what if you have finally realized what you want to do but can’t quit your 9-5 because it is your only source of income to pay all of your bills? This blog post is specifically for people that are in or will soon face  a transitional phase either in between jobs or on the merge of starting their own business. So how do you continue receiving income until you get the new desired job or expand your business/clientele if you aim to be an entrepreneur? Here are some side gigs I and my close circle of friends have tried out until we got the new job or hit the ground off running with our own businesses. These additional sources of income are also fantastic if you are just looking for some extra earnings on top of your full time job.


FullSizeRender (2)
Myself with a co-worker as Dallas Cowboys Brand Ambassadors
Signing up for various promotional agencies as a Brand Ambassador can be very fun and lead into quick earnings. It will also teach you very valuable lessons about event operations, marketing, customer service, team work, and leadership. You get to work different events, festivals, games, conventions etc. endorsing various products. I’ve worked promos making $1,300 in 3 days working 4 hour shifts. It just depends on the company and products. Promo agencies usually pay $20-$35/h, but before you sign up make sure you clarify the payroll cycles. I denied work before due to extremely long pay cycles. Here are my favorite promo agencies: BusyBeePromotions, Silhouettes, Ascent. If you would like a personal referral by me please comment below and I will reach out to the regional managers and prep you for your interview :-).

2. Freelance


If you are a stylist, writer, graphic artist etc. I would always recommend to start freelancing in order to keep perfecting your skill. Of course your pay won’t be that great in the beginning but you will remain in your industry of interest and enhance your creativity. Eventually you will connect with people that will uplift you and show you ways to move up or you will learn it on your own by trial and error. Sometimes moving up in your career will be a mix of both. Begin reaching out to smaller firms that could benefit from your services, attend industry specific events to start interacting with people in your field of expertise. If you like events search on Eventbrite for upcoming events and contact the organizer if they can utilize your services.

3. Uber, Lyft, Favor

I have never driven for any on demand car services but I have close friends that have and still are. They make about $20/h sometimes more. I love the flexibility and that you don’t have to set up a schedule way in advance, you simply go online when you want and you get paid on a weekly basis. I always love new start ups and I am also in the process of developing an app myself. So I decided to become a Favor Runner. Favor is an on demand delivery service, for a $5 delivery fee and a 5% processing fee they basically deliver anything from food, to drugs to electronics. The times I worked I made $17-$24/hour. Unlike Uber and Lyft you only drive in a specific zone for Favor so your gas expenses are minimal. It’s also great if you need quick cash as you get paid on a 48 hour basis through direct deposit.

4. Dog Sitting

If you like dogs you can also dog-sit. You start off at $30/day and get paid more when you get great reviews and ratings. If you have two dogs for a total of 10 days out of the month you made 600 extra dollars fairly passive income (unless the dogs are a pain). You also have the option of taking care of the dogs at the owner’s house. I dont’t like messes and dogs too much so this wouldn’t be an option for me personally but if you’re a dog lover definitely sign up for Rover the most popular dog-sitting website.

I hope this could help some of you that were freaking out on how to pay your bills because you wanted to follow your passion or quit a job that made you miserable. Please share and comment below if this could help you. Also feel free to post some of your side-hustles. Please keep your faith and push through!


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