What to get him/her for Christmas???


It’s that time of the year again. It’s Christmas time and I’m sure many of you don’t know what to get him/her for Christmas. That’s why I have created a top 5 gift list. The value of the gift should be proportionate to the seriousness of the relationship. Please don’t go all out for someone you just started dating.

1. Watch


You can never go wrong with an elegant watch for him and her. Men love Diesel and Michael Kors, whereas women prefer Fossil, Swatch, and Michael Kors (Michael Kors is manufactured by Fossil just FYI). Stay away from too much bling and gaudy looking versions. Less is sometimes more 🙂

2. Fashion Show Tickets

(Photo Crystal Chatmon)
(Photo Crystal Chatmon)

One of the best Fashion Shows coming up in 2015 is The Pin Show. Make sure you get at least two VIP tickets! The Creme de la Creme of the Fashion Industry is always in attendance and it’s simply a great alternative for a date or girls night.

3. Clothes&Shoes


One of my favorite online boutiques is Asos.com, make sure you go through his/her closet before ordering anything, that’s the safest way to learn what size your loved one wears without spilling the beans. Stay away from buying jeans and pants, sizes vary too much depending on brand and behind. The safest things to buy are tops and shoes.

4. Spa Day

Beautiful couple enjoying in the back massage.

Whether it’s a couple’s or single’s spa day. Everyone can use a moment of relaxation in their life. Groupon and Living Social have great deals!

5. Bluetooth Headphones


They are not only the best workout headphones but also make listening to music while traveling or on the go more convenient. Annoying wires belong to the past. To find out the best ones for your needs and wallet read Cnet‘s review about the best Bluetooth Headphones on the market right now.

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