Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

After being in the Gym for 6 months, and staying on your strict diet, it’s time to roll up those sleeves, unbutton the top 2 buttons and show your gains. Understand there are rules to the summer look but a few simple tips will catapult you towards the right look for this season.

Important Rules:

  1. Feel confident in whatever you wear and with whoever you are (regardless if you were working out or sitting on the coach all year).
  2. Make sure everything is fitted and I’m not Talking Wiz Khalifa Taylor Gang.

Classic Rule:

First let’s begin with Shirts. Always choose a shirt that will accentuate all of your hard work in the gym.

  1. The Casual Oxford Shirt is always a great clean look.
    Short sleeve Vs. Rolled-sleeve
    Short sleeve Vs. Rolled-sleeve

    2. The Suit: Three piece Suit (Stretchy Suit) or Seersucker Suit.The ability to have options is what makes a 3 piece suit worth every dollar spent. Also, don’t be afraid to throw on casual shoes or loafers to give the suit an informal appeal.

Formal Version of a Suit Informal Version of a Suit

3. Suspenders give you a cool yet classy look whether combined with an open button down oxford shirt or simple skinny tie that matches the slim fit look. This accessory works in all settings, taking you from work life to night life.

Suspenders combined with skinny tie
Suspenders combined with skinny tie

4. Tailored Chinos, whether cotton or linen, are the best way to go when choosing a summer pant. Don’t be afraid of bright colored chinos. They work well with loafers or oxford wingtips. Moreover, exposing the ankles allows you to breathe while looking exceptional.

Fitted Chinos

5. Summer is the perfect time to bring out those cotton or linen breathable blazers that keep you cool and add to your look. Denim, Khaki or Light Colors are great choices.

Cotton Blazer
Cotton Blazer

6. Overall, for the summer, don’t stay in the box for color. Come out bright or dark with hints of color. Roll those sleeves up and expose the decadent watch and accessories you ordered from Franklin & Anthony. Have fun and look good while doing it. This is your chance to make it Classic!


Blog Post written by Guest Contributor and Fashion Expert Quite Frank.

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