7 Seconds to make a good first impression???

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Believe it or not but physical appearance, the way you dress, wear your make up or style your hair are all elements or your i-Brand/Self Image. As a matter of fact ‘It takes only seven seconds for us to judge another person when we first meet them,’ says Linda Blair, clinical psychologist and author of Straight Talking. Even though the first impression might be miscued or unfair it is still constantly a crucial factor during the first date, job interviews, meeting in-laws, networking events etc. It is for this reason that making a great first impression is so important. I have interviewed men, women, and employers to demonstrate how important the first impression is. Some employers immediately eliminated candidates based on their attire. A too short skirt, dirty clothes, a thick beard, and too much make-up were reasons why candidates where cut. Let’s talk about what we like 🙂 most women agreed that a man that doesn’t upkeep his dental or physical hygiene won’t get a second chance to prove them wrong. Many women also states that appropriately fitting clothes (not too big not too tight) were very important as well. A nice smile was the most common thing ladies like about their counter part. So my dear men, brush your keep and keep smiling at us before you even open your mouth to talk to us.

Men had a double standard as usual lol. They drooled over a half naked woman, but didn’t want this image to resemble their potential wife. They preferred a classy but still sexy look, not revealing too much and giving them areas to fantasize about. Ladies if you want to be treated as wifey material you have to not only act like it but also dress like it! After college it’s time to get rid of your hoochie dresses anyways!!! Always be the best YOU you can be, you never know who is watching! I have attached date night outfit examples, one for a fancy dinner/cocktail party and one for more casual occasions such as a movie date. Let me know your thoughts!


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