Esé Azénabor steals the show at the First Annual Fashion X Dallas

Photo (Oh So Cynthia)

Dallas based Designer, Esé Azénabor mesmerized the audience with her hand beaded 2015 Spring/Summer Collection Friday Night at Fashion X Dallas that took place for its first time at the Fashion Industry Gallery.

Esé Azénabor is known for her gorgeous and detailed hand beaded garments. I have followed her growth for over a year now and she is literally finding new creative ways to continuously blow away even the most savvy in the industry. She received standing ovations at the finale of her runway presentation this past Friday evening, at the first ever held Fashion X Dallas.


I had the pleasure to assist Esé Azénabor with her Fashion X Dallas showcase and therefore received a very unique insight about her and her brand. I was very curious to know how an artistic mind such as Esé Azénabor creates these mind-blowing garments we all would love to wear at the next Margarita Ball,  FGI Night of Stars or The House of DIFFA Gala. Jokingly I asked “Do you just sketch what you dreamed about the night before?” her response shocked me. She shared with me that most of her creations were inspired by dreams or concepts ingrained in her at a very early age.

Her last collection was inspired by “The Phantom of the Opera”, an opera she watched at the tender age of 6 years. The inspiration for her 2015 Spring/Summer Collection was Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Esé’s muse was the main character Hermia. Style-wise, women in the 16th century resembled fairy tail alike characters and the designer was drawn to the heroine’s elegance and how gracefully she was portrait.


At Fashion X Dallas, Esé started her runway presentation with a beautiful pearl hand beaded Silk Chiffon gown. The following 19 looks received gazing stares, as guests admired the stunning gowns, jumpsuits, maxi dresses, and patterned kaftans.

Another interesting fact some of you might not know is that her sister Dosé has become her partner, the reason why  you saw both rip the runway concluding the finale.

After her showcase Esé and her sister received compliments not only from Project Runway Stars Michelle Lesniak, Daniel Esquivel and Korto Momolu but also from the most prominent socialites Cynthia Smoot and LeeAnne Locken. Despite all her success and popularity Esé remains one of the most humble persons I have met in the Fashion Industry.


I also have to give the entire Fashion X Dallas team credit. I know that runway presentations of this magnitude can turn out very hectic and chaotic but this ensemble of fashion experts handled designers, press, vendors and guests in a very organized and professional manner. I can’t wait for Fashion X Dallas to come back to Dallas next year!


Dynamically Branded

(Photo Credit: Chris Jones Photograpy)




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